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About us

We are a professional team, based in beautiful Costa Rica, with vast experience and knowledge in design, engineering, manufacturing, store layout planning and implementation of retail solutions.

Our Experience

We have more than 20 years of continuous growth in the retail industry, evolving with it and adapting to new trends, always maintaining the highest standards in our work and services. We do POS analysis and provide our customers concrete, customized solutions.

Our Core Services

We specialize in the retail environment, adapting global brands to the local needs and regulations. We have the expertise to tailor complete stores to an integral concept or to internal spaces in department stores and highlight their uniqueness within a whole.

We are able to plan and present your store in a realistic 3D view. With your brand handbooks and the latest software, we can convert your brief into an efficient store with the best possible layout to provide your customers the perfect shopping experience. We have worked with several global brands as adidas, Nike, Apple, Converse and Lego.

Not only will our renderings offer a realistic view of your store, but you will be able to walk through the store taking our virtual tours.

Get renderings for your new fixture designs, brand handbooks, the complete store, or the internal or external façade of the building with a 360° panoramic view.

We take your brand identity and design a perfect shopping experience.

Invite your costumers to buy through appropriate brand communication, fixture and store design. 

We offer Industrial and Graphic Design, Product Engineering and Architectural Design.

We have the expertise to develope fixture design for retail, as well as complete systems for stores, including their internal signage.

We can transform your ideas into a real product from scratch: from an initial sketch to a prototype, and from engineering to manufacturing.

We can develop a platform that drives your products and increases your sales.

An added value to our experience in retail is the possibility to offer an architectural perspective of your store merging the concept of your brand with the building itself.


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